I am a tattoo artist based out of St. Louis Missouri. I work at Earth Alchemy Tattoo at 2839 Cherokee Street. I grew up in the Midwest outside of a small town. I have always been passionate about art and drawing. I attended the University of Missouri for Fine Art with an emphasis in Graphic design. I eventually chose to leave school to pursue an apprenticeship in tattooing. Going into 2016 I have been tattooing for a little over 2 years outside of my apprenticeship. I have put in a lot of long hours and tried to cover as much ground as possible in that time. I attend conventions and guestspots to help further my craft around other artists that I look up to in the industry. I have been fortunate enough to win a couple awards for tattoos that I have done, which I am very grateful for as a young artist. I prefer bold lined color tattooing with a balance of muted and bright tones. If I were to try to put that in terms of a particular style, I would say that I prefer “Neotradtional”, however I try to stay as versatile as possible. I work to put my all into every tattoo. I feel that everyone deserves the best tattoo I am capable no matter how complex or simple. I care about what I do and I hope that shows in my finished work.